Same Rate Guarantee Plus

With Same Rate Guarantee Plus, return your unused foreign currency within 31 days and we’ll exchange it at the foreign currency purchase price. You can leave with peace of mind without worrying about exchange rates.


Why Same Rate Guarantee Plus?

Same Rate Guarantee Plus will secure the value of your currency so you don’t lose out when you return from your trip.

It is hard to know how much foreign currency you are going to need when you are abroad and you don't want to worry about the exchange rate you are given on your credit card. If you take more than you need, you can secure its value with Same Rate Guarantee Plus and have peace of mind knowing you will receive the same value for money when you return.

By exchanging your currency in one transaction you will also save on paying extra commission charges every time you change more money abroad.

In essence, we will buy back your left over currency commission free and at the rate you bought it.


Same Rate Guarantee is currently available at our Travelex stores for only 2 BHD.


Click here for Same Rate Guarantee Terms and Conditions.

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