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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much can I order online (Min/Max)?

    The minimum order is BHD 50. The maximum order is BHD 2,000 worth of foreign currency per person.

  • What is the benefit of ordering my currency online?

    Better rates & no commissions! Reserve your money online in advance to make sure you get rates that beat our stores at no commission and ensure that your travel money is available and ready for you at your preferred pick-up location.

    In the event that market rates change after you've placed your online order we make sure you get the best of:

    ● Your online order rate, or

    ● The rate in the store at the time of collection

    This way, you're either getting it at our preferred online rates or an even better deal in store, making sure you always get value for your money.

  • Where can I collect my order?

    From a number of our stores across the country. As part of the online order process, you get to select which of our branches is convenient for you, ranging from our downtown locations to our airport stores.

  • How can I pay for my currency?

    As our online portal is reserve only, you make the actual payment only at the time of collection, either with cash or by card.

    We accept major cards in stores, both debit and credit for most currencies. Travelex does not accept virtual card number products. Visit our T&Cs page to learn more.

  • Do you charge commission?

    No, we only charge you the rate you see for your selected currency and a flat collection fee depending on the location.

  • When can I collect my money?

    You can order up to 14 days in advance of your collection date, allowing you to lock-in great rates before you travel.

    Orders are ready for collection between 24 - 48 hours the date of order; this is dependent on your preferred pick-up location and currency. In all instances, our team will endeavour to prepare your order within your requested time frame and will contact you should there be any issues.

  • What is the Same Rate Guarantee?

    All of us have had cash left over from a holiday. Our Same Rate Guarantee is a Travelex service that allows you to lock-in a return rate for any leftover cash as the same rate you bought it at. This effectively means you return what you don't spend at the same rates!

    Learn more from our Same Rate Guarantee page.

  • Can I reserve the Same Rate Guarantee online?

    Yes! You can also reserve our Same Rate Guarantee service when booking your currency online.

  • Can I get online rates in a Travelex store?

    Our online rates and fees are exclusively online only. However, if on the day of collection the rate at store is better, we will offer you the store rate. This ensures you always get the best offer we have at the time.

    For more information on great deals, ask our Sales Consultants in store on offers.

  • What documents do I need when collecting my order?

    When you collect your order from a Travelex store you will need to provide a print of the order confirmation ,or your confirmation email, that includes your order number, as well as a valid original passport or The Kingdom of Bahrain's central population registry (CPR) identity card.