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The Travelex Same Rate Guarantee

What is the Travelex ‘Same Rate Guarantee’?

At Travelex, we listen to our customers and aim to meet their expectations. This means trading over 35 currencies from major airports around the world at great rates so that you always have cash on hand for your travels.

We also listened when our customers told us they did not know how much money they would need for a trip and frequently had to fall back on using their bank cards abroad or transacting with unknown exchange houses – all of which came with their own set of risks, hidden fees and charges.

In the spirit of giving our customers peace of mind, Travelex has introduced the Same Rate Guarantee.

The Same Rate Guarantee allows you to take more currency than you may expect you need on a trip, while guaranteeing you the ability to return unused currency at the same rate you purchased it!

What is the Travelex ‘Same Rate Guarantee’?

Taking more currency for your trip with Same Rate Guarantee ensures that

  • You do not need to fall back on using your debit or credit cards abroad on foreign ATMs and Card Terminals
  • You can avoid buying currency abroad at unknown rates from unknown dealers
  • Any unused currency that you purchased from Travelex is exchanged into BHD at the same rate of your initial transaction.

Taking the Same Rate Guarantee with your currency purchase from Travelex ensures that any cash you have left after your trip is converted back into BHD at the exact same rate you bought it, meaning there is never an exchange loss to you. Our Terms & Conditions are listed below and we invite you to ask for a Same Rate Guarantee the next time your travel.

Click here for the Online Same Rate Guarantee Terms & Conditions.

Always exchange with peace of mind at Travelex.

The Travelex Same Rate Guarantee

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  • How does the Travelex Same Rate Guarantee work?

    When you take our Same Rate Guarantee, we guarantee that Travelex will exchange any leftover currency you have back at the rate you bought it! This means you can take as much currency as you want for your trip and if you don't spend, it is at no loss to you!

    To redeem Same Rate Guarantees you just need to provide the original receipt of your transaction and we will take care of the rest.

  • What are the benefits of buying Same Rate Guarantee?

    Most travellers use up their foreign currency cash quickly when travelling and resort to using their bank cards at merchants or ATMs at very unfavourable rates.

    Purchasing our Same Rate Guarantee brings you peace of mind buy allowing you to take more money than you may need for the trip at today's great rates, and locking in that very same rate to change any unspent currency back. You don't lose out and you can make sure you keep pesky bank charges out of your holiday budget!

  • How long is Same Rate Guarantee valid for?

    Our Same Rate Guarantee is valid for 45 days from the day of purchase and is applicable to the currency you've taken.

  • How can I purchase the Same Rate Guarantee?

    The Same Rate Guarantee can be purchased when you purchase your currency at any of our stores across Bahrain.

    Please note that our Same Rate Guarantee is currently only available for purchase of Foreign Currency.